Client Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I work during the Food Bank's regular grocery distribution hours. Can someone pick up my groceries for me?

A: Definitely! However, you will need to provide a hand-written note stating the name of the person picking up your groceries (they will be required to show identification), along with your name, social security number, and your signature. Since there are many grocery choices, let them know your preferences and dietary restrictions. We do not keep a record of your dietary needs.

Q: Where does the Food Bank receive it's food?

The State College Food Bank receives food from the Federal and State governments, donated product from local community members and businesses, and food drives. All donations, whether they are from the government or a food drive, are properly handled and processed. All food is stored at proper temperatures, and food is disposed of if it does not meet the guidelines to be on our grocery shelves.

Major food drives:

    • Spring – Stamp Out Hunger by the local Postal Carriers
    • Fall – Scouting for Food by the local Boy Scouts

Feeding America Program – Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Target are just a few businesses that donate product to the Food Bank. 

We also receive donations from Wegmans, Weis Markets, GIANT Food Stores, and Red Lobster.

Q: I walk to the Food Bank. Can I use my own cart?

Of course you can! Just let the staff at the Food Bank know, and they will make sure that your groceries end up in your cart before you leave the Food Bank. Forgot your cart? Leave a photo ID, and you can borrow one from the Food Bank.

Q: If the weather is bad, are you closed?

Food Bank closing announcements can be found via the following media outlets: 

  • State College Food Bank website Home page (
  • State College Food Bank Facebook page
  • WJAC-TV 6 (NBC)
  • WTAJ-TV 10 (CBS)
  • WATM-TV 5 (ABC)
  • WWCP-TV 8 (FOX)
  • WPSU-TV 3 (WPSU)
  • Seven Mountains Media (local radio)
  • Forever Media (local radio)

 In general, if the State College Area School District closes due to inclement weather, the Food Bank will also be closed for the safety of our clients, volunteers, and staff. If there is a two-hour school delay, client distribution will take place as usual in the afternoon. If there is an early dismissal due to inclement weather, please check the sources listed above to find out if the Food Bank has closed.

Q: Even though I am using the Food Bank, I am still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

The Food Bank is an agency of the Community Safety Net. The Community Safety Net is a collaboration of private, nonprofit organizations that provide emergency, social service programs in Centre County. If you ever feel that you need additional assistance with other items such as fuel bills, please contact the Centre Helps at 1.800.494.2500 or 814.237.5855. Remember to also check our bulletin boards for information from other agencies.

Q: Where do you get the funding for operations and purchasing additional food?

The Food Bank receives funding from the following sources:

Individuals 42%
Organizations/Congregations 18%
Community Events 9%
United Way & Other Grants 17%
Gift Card Gifts & Misc. 14%


Q: Who are the people helping me when I come for my grocery distribution?

The Food Bank has a staff of five individuals: the Executive Director, Business Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Assistant Full-time, and Operations Assistant Part-time. We depend on many volunteers who help to do the following:

  • Pick up donations and deliveries
  • Pack grocery bags
  • Sort food and stock shelves
  • Accept and process donations
  • Client Services – Registration, Grocery Assistants, Cart Runners
  • Data Entry

Q: What if I move to another region of Centre County?

The Food Bank of State College serves those that live in following Townships/Boroughs: College, Ferguson, Harris, Halfmoon, Huston, Patton, Taylor and Worth Townships AND the State College and Port Matilda Boroughs. Other areas of Centre County are covered by other Food Pantries including the Faith Center in Bellefonte, Centre Hall, etc... If you move, just let us know, and we will give you the name and information for the Food Bank that serves the area you will be moving to.

Q: Why do I have to take fruits and vegetables in my distribution?

Since the Food Bank accepts Federal and State foods and funding, we are required to distribute certain items to make sure to cover all food groups. By utilizing Federal and State government sourced foods, The Food Bank is allowed to use monies received from local donations to buy the extras you see on our shelves, like coffee, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc. Need ideas or recipes for vegetables, fruits, and other items you get at the Food Bank? Ask your Volunteer Grocery Assistant.